Visiting Author Day at Mercersburg Elementary

I visited Mercersburg Elementary School yesterday as their 2014 Visiting Author. The kids and I had an amazing time! I’m hoping to visit schools like this more often. So much fun!

I think this is me reacting to a girl’s confession that the annoying thing her little brother does is bite her in her sleep. Yup, that would be pretty annoying.
Look at this kid’s smile! How cute!
The kids were so smart. They already knew about plot and could explain rising action, climax, and resolution.
What? All of you like video games? No way! This is shocking.
Photo op at the end. I like it that some of the kids called me “Mrs Author.”
The kids asked me great questions, too, like why and when I started to write, how long it takes me to write a book, if I ever make mistakes when I write, and whether I’ve ever been to the flower shop by City Park.
Sometimes the kids would be ecstatic to answer, but then they’d forget what they had to say. I feel that way in meetings sometimes, too.

4 Replies to “Visiting Author Day at Mercersburg Elementary”

  1. That is awesome. Must have been a fun experience. I am impressed that they knew about rising action, climax, and resolution. I feel that there are plenty of older kids, and adults, who have little to no understanding of such things. Hopefully it sticks with these kids and hopefully you helped make that possible! Congratulations!

  2. what cool experience. one that they, and you, will never forget. when children meet the actual writer/creator of something it makes it all so much more real for them and opens all sorts of possibilities –

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