How far will a grieving mother go for revenge?

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photo credit: Dave Dull / actress: Anne Hunt

“My will is mine…I shall not make it soft for you.”

–Aeschylus, Agamemnon

In a modern dystopia populated by false prophets, a manipulative vlogger, and a misogynistic national men’s club named The Satyrs, a woman seeks revenge when her ex-husband’s loyalty to his troubled father puts their daughter in mortal danger.

Nessie Cavanaugh is a protective mother to her three children. Savage and strong, she works as a therapist to help postpartum mothers rediscover their identity.

When her ex-husband Joe takes their fourteen-year-old daughter Jenny to Florida to rescue his brother, they become part of a conspiracy involving The Satyrs, a murdered teenager, and an intergenerational family curse. After Jenny’s violent death, Nessie, now involved with a powerful new lover, must determine how far she will go for revenge.