Literary Stories and Poems

As Amanda Hart Miller
Inventory @ Bartleby Snopes
Pansy @ Scissors and Spackle Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
Always Them @ Apeiron Review
34 Minutes @ Literary Mama
Cut Like Me @ PANK

As Amanda Skjeveland
If They Ask @ Foundling Review
Bonding @ The Fertile Source
Reconstructing a World @ Melusine
Playing Favorites @ Flutter Poetry Journal
Alphabet Bag @ Literary Mama
Scars @ Tonopah Review
Secret Chord @ The Write Room
Jenni @ The Write Room
The Beatles on Ed Sullivan @ The Write Room
Determined @ Short, Fast & Deadly
Not His Face @ Ranfurly Review
Tonight @ Frostwriting
They Say @ Frostwriting
Later @ Frostwriting
Jenni @ Frostwriting

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